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I empower organizations to create real, transformative, & sustainable social impact.

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Meet Dr. Rónké Òké

Scholar | Public Programmer | DEI Strategist + Coach

Dr. Òké's dossier builds on almost two decades of experience teaching, researching, and working as an advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), social justice, and institutional equity and reform. Throughout her academic and professional career her job has been to think, problem solve, synthesize, build communities, and create new interventions to meet organizational people and culture challenges.


As a DEI Strategist & Consultant, Dr. Òké operationalizes the tools of her academic background to drive the strategic implementation of an organizational diversity change agenda. While DEI helps to transform the external environment and systems of inequities that structure our social interactions, Dr. Òké's work as an advocate for work-life integration focuses on breaking free from those internalized structures that cause us to burnout before we fulfill our personal and professional goals.

Dr. Òké is the CEO & Founder of RAO Consulting, a boutique DEI firm that provides strategic leadership to corporations and educational organizations, supports new diversity professionals as they transition into DEI, and helps employees navigate workplace culture.

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What I Specialize In

DEI Strategy,  Consulting & Messaging

DEI Career Coaching

People & Process Structures

Developing Your "Worth" Ethic

Race, Gender, & Identity Formation

Laughing During a Meeting

The Journey Towards a Healthier Work

Life Begins By Recovering Your Worth

Start Your Journey Today.

Worth Ethic Affirmation

I am a human being, not a human doing.

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The Diversity Practitioner's Creed

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As diversity practitioners, our work is driven by our commitments:

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