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RAO Consultants

RAO Consultants provides strategic leadership to corporations and educational organizations, supports new diversity professionals as they transition into DEI, and helps employees navigate workplace culture. We strive to move our DEI practice beyond metrics and best practices to create customized heuristics and technologies that will help organizations keep up with the demands of an ever-changing world. We work with/in companies and institutions at the leading edge of organizational change to scale their operations, embed their diversity change agenda at every level, and empower their people and organizations to use the tools of DEIB to solve social, people, and organizational problems.

Our Services


DEI Strategy Planning, Audit, & Consultation

This service is for any organizations looking for thought partnership on an aspect of your strategic diversity plan or DEI messaging for recruitment. It is also ideal for any DEI professionals looking for strategic partnership as they plan an initiative, design a workshop, or implement their organization's strategic diversity plan. This service also helps to draft messaging for BIPOC recruitment and edit language used for institutional statements and communiqués.  



Committee Development

This service is designed to help organizations foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture. We offer customized consulting, training, and coaching programs to support the development and growth of your organizations DEI and ERG committees to drive change, build more inclusive high-performing teams, and create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and respected.


DEI Workshops

Our experienced trainers will provide your team with a comprehensive understanding of DEI concepts and how they can be applied in the workplace. Through interactive and engaging sessions, your team will learn how to identify and address biases, communicate more effectively with diverse groups, and create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees. By the end of our workshop you will notice a stronger, more cohesive team that is better equipped to succeed in today's diverse and dynamic workplace.


Transitioning Into DEI

Whether you've found your way into DEI through an employee resource group (ERG) or simply by virtue of being the "lonely-only" BIPOC-Q person in your organization, this session is for you. We will discuss some DEI basics and how you can leverage your background and experience to prepare you for the DEI role in your organization. 


Navigating the Workplace

Are you a BIPOC professional who is experiencing an uncomfortable situation at work? During this consultation, we will identify strategies to navigate these workplace experiences and help you manage the situation, craft the email, or resolve tense interpersonal dynamics at work.

*Please note that I am not a licensed attorney or psychiatrist so this consultation is not legal advice or replace any formal counseling.


DEI Career Development & Coaching

Master your interview and learn how to effectively communicate your qualifications, experience, and approach to DEI. Or, learn how to tailor your existing resume or CV or create an entirely new one specifically targeted to the role identified to ensure you are positioned to get noticed and put you on a path towards landing your dream job at this juncture in your career.

What Our Clients Say

Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 2.51.07 AM.png

Damali Harding, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

Very often, those who work in climate, equity and other spaces don't create enough opportunities to work through the feelings we go through as we fight for #peopleandplanet Dr. Ronke's personalized approach highlighted the research and thoughtfulness of how she works to build culture for organizations. I highly recommend her.
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